Saturday, March 7, 2015


Thought behind the Thought
That time flies, is a fact well known and well accepted by all. And the right time flies even more quickly. Before you know it, the right moment has moved ahead and you are left with your dreams and aspirations, trying desperately to catch up with it.
It is a chase as exhausting, as it is frustating! How does one know that the time is 'right'. And having realised that it has left, how does one reconcile to the fact and go about setting things right?

About the Art
The concept of time has inspired many artists to create innovative art, whether it is painting, or sculpture, or installations. Here is how artists have chosen to represent the concept, each unique and interesting in its own way.

Time Flies 2012 by Ursula Gerber Senger

(Selected work for the 7th From Lausanne to Beijing "International Fiber Art Exhibition Nantong City, Jiang Su Province, China "1895" Cultural and Creative Industrial Park)

“Time flies” stands for the rapid changes being experienced in today’s world. In my work I am depicting the speed and the pace of today’s world.

Our workflow and mobility is becoming more rapid and faster, human relationships are becoming more challenging and more demanding and social bonding more fragile. The flood of information we are receiving today causes a fragile surface like walking on thin ice, on which we struggle and grasp for orientation. (Ursula Gerber Senger)


As time Flies by James L.Hayes

Commissioned by Cork City Council in 2008 this large- scale work was created in consultation with Michael Punch & Partners Consulting Engineers and was fabricated by A&A Engineering in Dublin.

The concept of this public work is underpinned by an ongoing concern with the ‘everyday object’. Conceptually the work also corresponds to the artist’s continued and ongoing desire to transform the most humble and ephemeral of objects, e.g. a childlike kite, into celebratory and permanent relics. A permanent fixture on the North Cork city skyline, this work aims to embody and explore a sense of optimism, social confidence and also signifies and connotes aspects of expression, play, flight and departure. (James L.Hayes)


Time Flies By by How & Nosm. Spray Paint on DC 3 for The Boneyard Project

The Bone Yard Project revives disused airplanes from America’s military history through the creative intervention of contemporary artists, taking entire airplanes and their elements out of aeronautic resting spots in the desert, known as boneyards, and putting them into the hands of artists.

How and Nosm (Raoul and Davide Perre), the creators of the above art,  are identical twin brothers known for their large scale graffiti based murals that adorn city walls around the world. The red, black, and white-based imagery is instantly recognizable and commands attention through the impressive size and the intricate detail.

Time flies by sand artist Joe Castillo
Artist, author, pastor and entrepreneur, Joe Castillo grew up surrounded by art and the cosmopolitan culture of an international city. He has continued to nurture his artistic roots. He has also developed a number of “Live Art” presentations that use intricately crafted illustrations to teach Biblical truths as they unfold. His latest artistic venture called “Sand Art”, is a live-art presentation performed to music and projected for a stunning visual effect. Joe is an artist, author and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart.


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