Saturday, July 26, 2014


Chef Homaro Cantu is not just a chef. He is a scientist who has revolutionised the way people look at food! Apart from the innovative recipes that he cooks up, he also serves them with an edible menu!!! Made of edible paper, the menu card itself is a part of the amazing food offered at his restaurant. His innovations extend beyond food, and he says that " 

Gastronomy has to catch up to the evolution in Technology, and I'm just helping that process along."

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Friday, July 25, 2014

inside outside

Mary Poppins, a musical fantasy film that combines live action and animation is an immortal classic, loved by one and all. The magical nanny in the story, uses a chalk drawing on the pavement to create a gateway to an outing in the animated countryside. The outing is interrupted by a rainstorm, which washes away the chalk drawing and returns the travelers back to reality.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Cloud Gate and Sky Mirror are large scale sculptures made out of stainless steel,  installed in public places. The highly reflective surface of the sculptures mirrors the sky, creating beautiful, ever changing paintings on it’s surface. The sky mirror, installed at the rockfeller Center reflected and inverted the Center’s skyscrapers, thus, in the words of the artist, bringing “ the sky down to the ground”.

Sir Anish Kapoor is an Indian sculptor who has lived and worked in London since the early 70’s. His sculptures are ambitious manipulations of form and space, drawing the viewer to explore new dimensions and perspectives. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

journey without a map

A rare map of Mughal India, that shows the region bounded by Afghanistan and Bangladesh and extends the South to include a large portion of India including Narasinga, Orixa Decan, etc. It also shows elephants roaming in the Ganges, camels east of Kabul, decorative cartouches and sailing ships.

Cartography is the study and art of making maps. Combining science, aesthetics, and technique, it builds on the premise that reality can be moulded in ways that communicate spatial information effectively.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

hidden dimensions

The 360* books are a fun set of paper books created by Japanese graphic designer Yusuke Oono who conceived the idea as a clever way to illustrate scenes from individual stories in three dimensions. The 40 panel books are laser cut from paper and assembled into a booklet that can be viewed page by page or fanned out as a sort of layered diorama of silhouttes.

Yusuke Oono is an architect / design engineer who has worked on projects ranging from landscape, interior, furniture, products, graphics and exhibitions.
He is keen to find new ways to express dimension, utilizing 3D modelling technology and digital fabrication method such as laser cutting and 3D printing


Sunday, July 20, 2014


William Boyd “Bill” Watterson is an American artist and the creator of the famous comic strip ‘Calvin and Hobbes’. His work never fails to bring a smile to the reader’s face. His understanding of the simple, yet important truths about human behaviour, his sharp sense of humour, and of course his ability to express the said and the unsaid through pictures makes his characters timeless in their appeal.

Like many artists, Watterson incorporated elements of his life, interests, beliefs and values in to his work. He opined that art should not be judged by the medium for which it is created, and for years, battled against pressure to merchandise his work, something he felt would devalue the characters and their personalities.

A Comic Strip is a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humour or form a narrative, often serialised, with text in baloons and captions. Written and drawn by comics artists or cartoonists, they were traditionally published in newspapers in the black and white format.