Friday, March 6, 2015

wordless story

Thought behind the thought
The art of story telling requires more than words. And at times, no words at all! The story teller's stance, body movements, from the sweep of an arm to the flick of an eyebrow, her facial expressions, all build up a wordless story. And whatever gaps there may be, are filled up by the observer's imagination. A picture painted without obvious brush strokes, a story told without words!
Performing artists, especially dancers , do just that! 

About the art 
Anita Ratnam, dancer-choreographer is a master story teller who communicates through the medium of dance. She says, "I am in dance because this is my own way of connecting with myself and the world. I consider myself a contemporary classicist.
When people see my work, they can tell that it is Indian in spirit but very contemporary in approach. Folk dancers and drummers who dance every evening after a hard day's work in the fields, traditional temple performers whose lives depend upon serving GOD during important festivals, actors who fuse movement with voice culture, young performers and students all over the world who want to learn new movement and the dynamics of cultural memories embedded into our South Asian bloodstream - these are the artistes who are the focus of my work.
I call myself a cultural activist because I believe in my culture. My culture doesn't mean just the performing arts. To me it stands for finding out about my roots and knowing who I am. And the classical arts are a very vital part of our culture."

She is the founder- director of 'Arangham' (meaning stage or performing space in Tamil) , the dance-led cultural foundation that seeks " to explore, enrich and promote the performing and visual arts of India and to contemporize the rich tapestry of indian creativity for modern audiences."
A scholar, writer and cultural activist, she presents and lectures on varied themes that bring a new perspective to the Indian Dance scene. Some of the themes that she has woven through her performances are : MA3KA...the triad supreme, ADHIROHANA - EMBODYING CHAKRAS, NEELAM...Drowning in Bliss, AVANI...A HANDFUL OF DUST, A MILLION SITAs, ANDARI - The Great Goddess, etc.

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