Thursday, March 5, 2015

discarding all those

Thought behind the thought:
There was an annual clearance sale going on at a prominent designer store. Things that one could only dream of buying were available at half price or even cheaper. So does the value of something really diminish after a stipulated period of time? Often these products up for sale are ones which are really close to the use by date. They are packaged and made attractive with schemes to lure people buying such products. 

Is the same principle applicable to human relationships? Do we try and salvage relationships fearing that they are ending their shelf life? Once we are convinced in our minds, that certain things have gone way over their use by date, we realise that these issues have gone bad indeed. They stink and make us think twice before giving them anymore time or place in our life. 
But unlike products, discarding old friends, memories, relationships and emotional connections comes at a heavy price. Discarding those means you are discarding a part of yourself you so dearly cherished. So can we discard in an inventive way whereby we remove the unwanted elements and influences from our lives? Yet we use that experience to learn and grow.

About the art: 

Someone’s trash becomes someone else’s treasure. Mosaic is one form of art that uses waste in the most inventive and aesthetic way possible. Caroline Jariwala's Mango Mosaics uses the picassiette method of old, chipped and discarded crockery to create wonderful mosaics. She sees potential in broken items in the most unique way possible.

Vibrant colours and emotional attachment to memories are the themes of her work. Her work celebrates people, their stories and their lessons learnt though life. She got a degree in art, health and well being and her work is a culmination of all three aspects of what she studied. The basic human instinct is to mend something if it’s broken. Mosaic celebrates the broken elements because firstly, if something is broken that means it was put to use at some point. Secondly, if the mending is carefully done chances are that what will emerge will be both beautiful and stand the test of time.

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