Friday, January 2, 2015

love's residence

Thought Behind the thought:
Birthday gifts are always an eye-opener. They basically are indicators of how the world perceives you and is trying to tell you how old you are! Cards and chocolates for the teenagers, diamonds and dresses for the young ladies and from there on it just goes tumbling down the hill. Winters are here and so while I was looking for a moisturiser on my dresser I found this “age defying cream” gifted to me last year by a well meaning friend! The bottle claimed that would rejuvenate and restore me back to my youth. Question is I am ready for it? Do I want to? Every wrinkle, every worry line is a reminder that thanks goodness; I had something or someone to worry about. It means that love has been visiting me and it has left behind a mark to remind me. Do I really want to erase it?

About the art:
Love visits all of us in one form or many. How, when and for how long are things that are out of our control. When love visits it leaves behind marks to remind you of its presence in your life. They could be laugh lines and crow’s feet from being blessed with laughter or wrinkles and bags under the eyes from sleepless nights, worry and anguish. Whichever way you look at it these are the physical indicators of love. Love resides in these little crevices and nooks and crannies. Here are three examples of famous love stories from cinema that talk about love and how one is blessed to have it in their lives.

When Harry met Sally

The first scene from “When Harry Met Sally” is a couple’s interview where different couples talk about how they found each other. It is a celebration of being together, about longevity in a relationship and the joys of it.


The second scene is from the Titanic where Rose meets Jack for a very brief time. She finds love that goes beyond the realms of time. She is able to take him ahead with her despite losing him. She lives her life to the fullest, confident that she was loved only fleetingly but by the best man she could ever find. She says she kept him alive in her memory and he remains with her till she is alive.

The Notebook

The third scene is from The Notebook where both the husband and wife are physically present but the wife suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and forgets herself. The husband then reads their own story to her each day not just to remind her of who she is but what their love was.
Love has no shelf life. It’s beyond everything else and it exists even if we don’t. We earn these lines after a hard long battle. A struggle that can consume a lifetime. A heartache that fill you entire being but it is the best feeling in the world. Whether to have it for a day or are fortunate to spend eighty years with that person, you are still blessed!


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  1. Very nice.
    It's when you'd give up anything for their happiness.