Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Thought behind the thought:

It’s will be 25 years, since our batch passed out of school this year. Reunion means going back two decades to a place where you spent some of the most carefree, innocent days of your life. I was instantly reminded of a video of a song by Enigma, The return to innocence. Literally, I felt like I was taken back two decades bit by bit assessing each and every decision of my life. Technology has easy ways of dealing with change. A  camera simply formats everything, at the touch of a button and turns  a memory card into a clean slate. A second hand mobile handset casually asks you if you want to discard changes and return to default! It is next to impossible to format our memory or discard changes we made to our personalities! Life does not give you the liberty to do so. I have met a great number of people who claim “I have no regrets, won’t change a thing if I had to go back”. My guess is such foolhardy statements are made because we know we are incapable of ever getting a chance to do so. So what if a reset button was made available to you? What would you change about your life and what would be the repercussion?



About the art:

So what about the ill effects of pollution and the threats to the environment? Can we reverse that? Can we at least make people aware of what these emissions are doing? Can we make a statement through art about this? Apparently there is a movement called Reverse Graffiti that is doing exactly this. Two artists, UK’s Paul Curtis a.k.a Moose and Brazilian Alexandre Orion have been doing some unique art that involves cleaning up dirty walls of tunnels and cities. What could be so great about cleaning a dirty wall one might ask? The sheer genius lies in looking at the wall and seeing the potential for art. Finding potential in a dirty wall to make a powerful poignant statement is a phenomenal idea.

Ironically in both countries the reverse graffiti is not encouraged and while Moose was charged under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, Orion’s graffiti was watered down. When he moved to another part of the tunnel to carry out his work the authorities just cleaned up the entire tunnel. One is left grappling at what exactly is going on in the world. Hopefully we can reset certain things before it’s too late. Hopefully art can make statements like this one that makes us sit up and take notice. Please visit the web page of the artists to get a better insight into their philosophy.


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  1. Reset buttons are in our hands. We only need to use them..