Monday, December 29, 2014


Thought behind the thought:

Social media is finding new ways everyday for people to reconnect. We leave behind so many people and move ahead in life. Yet there are some mysteries of the past that remain unsolved. I caught up with a friend recently and he updated me on the latest news about these people I had long forgotten. I was truly amazed to see how certain people turned out to be once life was done with them. Some shined, some buckled under the pressure while some left me disillusioned. That got me thinking do we actually see people for who they are or are we under some mass hypnosis of youth and are just too impressionable. Most things in life are illusions that we choose to believe but when the veil comes off the reality is pretty ugly to deal with. What we see is actually a dual picture …the further you go away the more it makes sense.

John Lennon

Charles Darwin

Tsar Ivan


About the Art:

Oleg Shuplyak’s oil paintings are astounding optical illusions. The composition of his paintings is such that objects, characters and colours are used to create a dual painting. Painting portraits of some of the greats from the art world like Pablo Picasso, John Lennon,Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Paul Gauguin, Shuplyak manages to convey the ideology of the person through his portraits. The way he integrates the landscape, culture and famous personalities one has to really look at the painting in minute detail in order to reveal all hidden images. His works are similar to those of the famous Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo,who is well known for evocative paintings in which detailed scenes are woven together to create larger images Most people are like these paintings . They project themselves in a certain way yet on close inspection so many of their true facets surface.


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  1. Recently visited agastya foundation where they have a hall of optical illusions. It was a great experience for all of us..