Friday, April 3, 2015

tomorrow and today

Thought behind the thought
Today and Tomorrow, like two siblings are forever connected, yet maintain their own identities. The judgemental older brother blames the younger one for everything, and the younger one hardly cares! He is so busy living his life and making his mistakes! If only they came together! Life would be so much better for all the value they would both bring to it. Enthusiasm and adventure on one hand, wisdom and maturity on the other!

About the art
The special bonding between siblings has inspired a lot of art, and these oil paintings done on Copper vouch for the same.

 Iris and Edward by Lauren Palte

Sonia and Sister by Lauren Palte

Untitled  by Lauren Palte

Untitled  by Lauren Palte

Tilley and siblings by Lauren Palte

This is what the artist Lauren Palte has to say about this amazing work in a very innovative medium

"In this project, oil paint that is dissolved in solvent is poured onto a horizontal sheet of copper. The non-porous surface of copper causes the paint to flow, pool and disperse across the surface. The luminous ground shines through the thin layers of paint.

The importance of the medium and a search for exploratory processes of painting underpin this project. But the formal concern of light and transparency that is offered by the copper surface ties into my interest in x-rays of paintings, in particular recent autoradiographs of works by Dutch Masters, Vermeer and Rembrandt. X-ray images of such paintings reveal things that would otherwise remain invisible to the unaided eye. These images present an opportunity to engage with the changeability of technique present in paintings. The human forms that were whole in the original paintings become ghostly shadows in x-ray.

This project brings together x-ray images of paintings with fragments from well-known paintings and personal images from my family album. While diverse in their origin, the activity of painting seeks a moment of recognition or empathy with the painted figure; searching for lost moments, hidden in memory or behind new layers of paint."

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  1. 'Immature' is a name the boring giving to the fun loving. Today it is!