Friday, April 3, 2015


Thought behind the thought
Sandstorms fill the sky with swirling sand, raised from the dunes on the earth. Just like the thoughts that lay quietly piled up in the mind and are raised in a swirl by some very powerful gust of wind. The air so fills up with millions of particles of sand, that it is impossible to see anything around you. And so with the million thoughts that swirl in the mind at times. The minds pace is so laden with thoughts that it is difficult even to find your own self in the thought-storm!

About the art
Sand is a powerful medium to express thoughts too. Sand sculptures may be static, but convey a lot of meaning. And when sand turns in to a medium for performing art, it is simply amazing. As demonstrated by Israeli Sand artist Ilana Yahav.

Give peace a chance by Ilana Yahav     source:

Sand art, into which Ilana has put all her energies and talents, is a unique and minimalist art form in which she uses only that which God blessed her with: sand, hands and soul. It is this very simplicity that fascinates her and which makes it so challenging and exciting to her and to her audience. “I was always captivated by the ability of hand gestures to express emotions such as anger, compassion, and love… Just as in dance, such movements create emotions that play a major role in the creation.” 

Ever since you left by Ilana Yahav     source:

“The experience of direct contact with sand enthralled me already as a child.” Ilana says: “It was a happy childhood along the shores of the Mediterranean, which I would visit every day on my way to school. I would draw a personal story, a kind of living diary in the sand. I would draw quickly, trying to finish it all before the wave would come and wipe everything out. I was totally spellbound. I would stand and watch until the drawing disappeared, realizing that everything is transient and temporary…”
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