Tuesday, April 7, 2015

dreams and reality

Thought behind the thought
It is popularly believed, and scientifically proved, that dreams are made up of bits and pieces of real life that are stored in the subconcious. The events of the day, the people we meet, the feelings and emotions we experience all surface in the form of surreal dreams that are at once real, and at the same time, unreal.
I wonder at times, whether it may really be the other way round! What if our real life is a reflection of, and put together with, bits and pieces of our dreams? That too linked up in a weird sequence? What a surreal thought!

About the art
The concept of surrealism - that dreamlike state, which we feel is real, has inspired great works of art. Apart from paintings (Salvador Dali being the foremost Surrealist painter who comes to my mind), Surrealism has found it's way into other visual and performing arts too. Cinema has very effectively used this concept to entrance it's viewers in to a world of make believe.

The video below shows glimpses of the surreal in cinema from 1920 to 2010

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBLvGOuDCls

Imaginary worlds so vividly brought alive!

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  1. Life, a beautiful quilt
    Is sewn with different pieces,
    Of dreams and wishful thinking,
    And also reality with lot of creases..
    The creases can be retained
    Or ironed out if need be,
    But do not forget to dream my friend
    They might soon turn into reality..

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