Thursday, April 9, 2015


Thought behind the thought
Chemistry was one subject that I simply couldn't befriend at school. All the chemical formulae and equations, quite simply, puzzled me. I just could not balance the information and make sense out of it. Somehow, I did swim through the curriculum but it left a gaping hole in my brain!
Looking back now, a good thirty years since I last met Chemistry, I think she taught me some important life lessons! That you always need to balance out seemingly unrelated things .... or they balance themselves out eventually, even if you can't figure out how! And most importantly, she taught me that "Reaction" is everything. It runs the whole show. Whatever the action, the reaction is what leads to the final outcome. And that is so true with life.
How one reacts to words, events, people, situations ... determines the final outcome of your life. Not what happens to you, but how you react to it. That is everything!

About Art and Design
The concepts that once seemed so difficult to understand, are depicted here in such an innovative way! That is the power of graphics! It can turn abstract ideas in to something very interesting and easy to understand! I wish our text book illustrators took a clue or two from these amazing science illustrations!

Pablo Bustos AKA Wirdou (the creator of these fantastic illustrations) is a young designer from Madrid, Spain. He's a total geek, and loves anything related to the world of gaming, movies or TV shows. He majored in Biology some years ago, which explain his many science-related designs, with a special focus on mixing pop culture and science.

 Freddie Mercury

 Heavy metals

Noble gasses

Krypton Man

Credit and Source of information
Wirdou: Fun science by Pablo Bustos

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