Tuesday, March 24, 2015

reading a book

Thought behind the thought:
Books are actually doorways to unimaginable worlds. They manage to hold your hand and lead you down a path to a place you have never been before. These places can be real or fictional but what’s interesting is the journey. Every time we place a book down after reading it, we have travelled to a far off place and back. A good book remains with you long after you have finished reading it. It has managed to unlock your mind and allowed you to explore possibilities that you have never before entertained.

About the Art:
Illustrating children’s books is a huge challenge. The colours, the characters, the theme, the drama has to be so engaging, that even a child with a minuscule attention span becomes engaged with the book. Some of the great children’s book illustrators have created characters, places and events for us that have been a huge part of our growing up years. Even as adults when we think of these characters they instantly bring a smile to our faces and we revisit a place in time when life was easy and anything was possible. The conviction and earnestness of the storyteller makes even an impossibility or farce real to us.

Whether it’s a Cat wearing a Hat, or a Rabbit wearing a coat, what makes it believable is the author and the illustrator. Authors and illustrators are both artists and craftsmen. One, painstakingly creates the story, the characters, the drama and the thrill. The other, makes it a visual reality for us. The illustrator’s job is a tough one because he needs to be completely in tune with the style and manner of the author. When the two people are aligned in their ideas and vision great results are produced A.A Milne and E. H Shepard- Winnie the Pooh, RenĂ© Goscinny and Albert Uderzo- Asterix, Roald Dahl and Sir Quentin Blake- Novels by Dahl . A lot of authors have held the distinction of being great illustrators like Dr Seuss and Georges Remi who wrote under the pen name Herge.

Paolo Domeniconi is an Italy based illustrator for children’s books. His books have been published by Italian publishers Agaworld, Arnoldo Mondadori, EDT, Franco Cosimo Panini, La Coccinella, Pearson ltalia, Sinnos Editrice. What is unique about his work is the strong use of colour and creating ordinary scenes with extraordinary treatment. He draws potential from the characters and transforms them into unreal and unimaginable creatures. The narrative is so strong in the illustration that it perks your curiosity and binds you to the story. It creates interest and one wants to delve more into what the book has to offer. He not only shows you an interesting visual but sets you off on a journey, a journey of wonder, discovery and imagination just like a wonderful book is supposed to.


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