Thursday, March 26, 2015

cast yourself into a new mould

Thought behind the thought

I want to be different person every other day! Sometimes, I picture myself as the super career woman who I just read about in the newspaper, sometimes I am fascinated with the celebrities showing off their glamorous selves. At times, I want to be that supermom and super homemaker who gets everything right when it comes to home and kids, and even manages to look amazing while she is at it!
And then I wonder how I could cast myself in that mould, and become the person I want to be. Why is it so difficult for me to change myself? The answer lies in the fact that to become someone else, you have to first lose a bit of yourself, become fluid, give up the rigid frameworks that bind you (at times frameworks that you, yourself have created). 
And above all, you have to brave the heat of the situation and face the consequences of the transformation. Unless that happens, you will remain your old self!

About the craft
Candles are possible, only because Wax gives up its rigidity, becomes fluid and allows itself to be cast into a mould. That is how a blob of wax transforms into a beautiful candle!

Candle making was developed independently in many places throughout history.
Candles were made by the Romans beginning about 500 BC. These were true dipped candles and made from tallow. Candles were made from whale fat by the Chinese, during the qin Dynasty(221–206 BC). In India, wax from boiling cinnamon was used for temple candles. In parts of Europe, the Middle-East and Africa, where lamp oil made from olives was readily available, candle making remained unknown until the early middle-ages. Candles were primarily made from tallow and beeswax until about 1850, but subsequently have been made from spermaceti, purified animal fats (stearin) and paraffin wax.

Contemporary candle making has gone beyond the standard cylindrical design. AQ lot of interesting shapes and processes are used today to create fascinating candle craft!

One is amazed at the creativity and skill of the candle makers who mould and carve wax in a very unique way to produce amazingly beautiful candles!

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