Friday, February 27, 2015

standing tall

Thought behind the thought

It is so easy to blame one's circumstances for everything! For every failure that we meet, we think of something or someone that blocked us from achieving success. It cannot be that life burdens some people with problems all the time and lays a red carpet for others. What is it then, that differentiates the survivors from the losers?

The way they make the most of their situation, of course! Just like the coconut tree, that stands on a sandy beach, with seemingly unstable anchoring, and faces gushing wind day in and day out. And still manages to stand tall, gracefully and effortlessly!

There's surely a lesson to learn there. No matter how difficult it may be to hold on to the ground, no matter how much the winds may make you sway, you can still hold your head high and look beautiful too!

About the Craft

The coconut (nariyal in hindi) is justly known as the 'kalpavriksh', or the tree that can fulfill all your wants. Every part of the tree is put to good use. The trunk, the fronds, the fruit, there is no part of the coconut tree that does not lend itself to use, and beauty!

 Small pots and pans, spoons and ladles made out of coconut wood/shell. 

Carving a coconut shell into jewelry takes a lot of skill too.

Watch the videos below to see how amazing coconut craft is created!

Making of coir from coconut husk

Credit and Source of information:

for more, do visit
do read: Coconut: The Art Of Coconut Craft
by Vijaydatta Lotlikar, Master Craftsman, Ed. Fredrick Noronha

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