Sunday, February 22, 2015


Thought behind the thought:
We see so many things around us each day but we truly experience only a few. Lots of people, events, places and situations are opportunities for us to learn and grow. Our minds are actually processed to take in as little and relevant information as it can in order to keep it uncluttered and tangle free. So in the process we miss a whole number of details and finer aspects of experiences. If could fine tune our brains in such a way that experiences could be savoured correctly we would be a lot more enriched and a lot less judgemental.

About the Art: 
Body art is not considered a serious form of art by most art enthusiasts. It has probably not garnered enough attention and importance mainly because of our own judgemental attitudes. Johannes Stötter is artist born and based in South Tyrol, Italy. He is a self taught artist who joined the body painting artist community in 2009. He has numerous remarkable works to his name yet the one that needs to be specially mentioned is his legendary creation of a tropical frog consisting of 5 human bodies which he made in 2013 .He became world famous for it and made headlines and was featured in newspapers, magazines and online magazines across the world. Johannes teaches Bodypainting at the World Bodypainting Academy, at the WBF (World Bodypainting Festival) as well as Anatomic Bodypainting at Yoni Academy.


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