Saturday, January 10, 2015

time machine

Thought behind the Thought

It was an unhurried Sunday afternoon, when my friend and I set out on our monthly trip to the city for some little purchases. The house had settled down for an afternoon siesta, and we thought we would wrap up the work and be back in an hour or so. And it so happened that when we came back from our short market tour, it was already late evening! We never realised when our quick trip had turned into a window shopping odyssey! That is how Time cheats us, and we cheat Time. A shopping trip, I thought, was the equivalent of a time machine for women with time on their hands and enthusiasm in their feet!

Which brings me to the Art and Design on display in the shop windows. Retail design is one of the most happening design fields in the consumer oriented world today. Buying and selling stuff has become a sort of recreational activity today, as against the necessity that it was earlier. Shops compete with each other to catch the buyer's attention, and most of them display their wares in very well designed display windows.

Art and Design

One of the most important design aspect here is 'Focus' The arrangement of objects in the Shop window is such that the product on display becomes the focus of the whole composition. Focus can be achieved in visual design by using different tools.

At times, the 'placement' or location of the element to be highlighted does the trick. The eye here, is naturally drawn to the object in question, because it is placed at the centre of the composition (creating a symmetrical balance), or at one end with hardly any other elements in the frame (creating an asymmetrical composition)

At times, it is the 'lighting' that determines focus and highlights the product to be displayed.

At times, the principle of 'Contrast' is used to draw attention to the product.

'Scale' is also an important aspect. The moment you enlarge an object with respect to the visual frame, it assumes an important role in the composition.

Window displays use all these tools to achieve effective retail design, in addition to the innovative themes that may be employed for the display.


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  1. Window shopping.. Now who doesn't like that? Loved the blog...
    And it is so true that time just flies by when I am with my friends doing nothing in particular but simply enjoying their company..