Thursday, January 8, 2015

alternate generations

Thought behind the thought:

Most of us feel that we are right all the time! I honesty believe I am right 99% of the times. Yet “people” have repeatedly told me such is not the case. Once you are an adult you feel you are not to be assessed anymore, to see how you perform. Give a chance to your parents to talk uninterrupted for ten minutes or give a paper and pencil in the hands of your child and ask him /her to draw “you”. Be prepared to hear or see a hundred sides to yourself you have never seen before. 

About the art: 
Here is a compilation of notes written by kids to their parents. Children are brutally honest and not in the least diplomatic. These little notes are reflections of the kinds of people we are with our kids. Truly an eye-opener! There is one particular note that is a report card made by a child about his mother. We encourage you get report cards made by your kids and parents and share them with us. We would love to put them up here on the blog. Only then can we test if there truth in what’s being said in today’s quote

Do share your report cards!!

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