Tuesday, December 23, 2014

madness and sadness

Thought behind the Thought

My partner and me, between us, share a very strange pair of minds! Often I have realised that what was just a caterpillar in my mind, turns into a butterfly when I pass it on to her.
I sat down to watch a programme one day, having just finished sharing a mad idea with her. While I sat engrossed in the stage performance, the thought grew in her mind and by the time the programme was over, it had turned into an idea that added immense value to the work that we did together.

That is when I thought, that the madness in our mind simply multiplies when it is passed on, because there are now two minds in the grips of the same madness. Sadly, the same is true for sadness, which when passed on also affects the other!

This 'quality' of multiplication of madness is what comes through in some of the great group performances or duets too! The individual qualities and creative talent simply pools together, to give birth to a scintillating performance!

Taufiq Qureshi and his band 'Mumbai stamp' live performance

Taufiq Qureshi and his band 'Mumbai stamp' live performance

About the art: 

Recently, in 2005, Taufiq conceived his own unique band ‘MUMBAI STAMP’ It is an innovative band formed by Taufiq, where trash material is put to use creatively to explore new rhythmic horizons. ‘Mumbai Stamp’, led by Taufiq; consists of 5 to 6 young drummers who play on all sorts of waste materials like bins, cans, tin boxes, buckets etc. Vibrant patterns of rhythm originating from these non conventional instruments take the audience to another level of energy. The power emanating from these spirited trash boxes, the superb co-ordination of the band and the phenomenal ability of Taufiq to stroke a rhythmic cadence out of any surface make MUMBAI STAMP a unique band. ‘Mumbai Stamp’ has entertained many an audiences, all over India. The amazing rhythmic motifs Taufiq weaves along with his band members leaves the listener wanting for more, the band enjoys the appreciation of all types of audience-be it music lovers, corporate world or the novice. This band catches the pulse of the audience and in fact is a spectacle to watch as well.

Taufiq Qureshi and Shankar Mahadevan: jugalbandi

About the artists:

Taufiq Qureshi, an ace percussionist of India, is also an acclaimed composer. Being the son and disciple of the legendary tabla maestro Ustad Allarakha; Taufiq’s performances showcase the traditional flavour and intricacies of Indian rhythm, interwoven with his phenomenal command and sparkle of contemporary world percussions.

Taufiq’s trademark style incorporates body and vocal percussions to create unique rhythmic motifs spanning across cultures. His sense of tone and his command over a wide variety of percussion instruments and styles is commendable.

Taufiq’s albums have been released world over and he has performed at prestigious music festivals all over the globe. Taufiq has been featured as a performing artiste on the 2009- Grammy award winning album ‘Global Drum Project’. Taufiq’s album ‘Rhydhun’ amongst others is said to have set new standards for world music in India.

Taufiq Qureshi is the worthy torchbearer of a rich legacy of percussion, being the son and disciple of the legendary Ustad Allarakha and brother of the maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain. Taufiq has been greatly influenced by his illustrious brother, Ustad Zakir Hussain and is privileged to receive guidance from Ghatam Vidhwan, Pandit Vikku Vinayakram.

After a long and arduous journey of over twenty years, Taufiq continues to evolve as a percussionist in the ever- inspiring world of live-audience performances.

By virtue of his amazing versatility as a percussionist and as a composer of sorts he has carved himself a special niche in the field of world music and is fondly referred to as: Prince of Percussion.

Shankar Mahadevan  is an award-winning musical composer and playback singer who is part of the Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy composing trio team for many Indian films.

Information source and credits: http://www.taufiqqureshi.com

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