Sunday, December 21, 2014


Thought behind the thought:

December is the month of weddings in India. Come December and one gets a front row peek at a spectrum of designer collections from shoes to jewellery. It’s an image conscious world today and what you wear is who you are and the projection of whom you are very important. Jewellery is of many kinds; designer, Indo-western, fusion, branded, imitation, natural, rare, junk, punk, real etc and the list is never ending. Surprisingly each kind of jewellery manages to make its own statement. It’s a layer added to ones persona and it becomes that individual’s identity.

About the art:

Girl with a Pearl Earring is a painting that was originally titled Girl with a Turban. Painted by Johannes Vermeer it’s a masterpiece regarded as the Mona Lisa of the North or the Dutch Mona Lisa. It is currently displayed in The Mauritshuis museum in The Hague, Netherlands. The focal point of this painting is the pearl earring that the subject is wearing. Vermeer has eleven such paintings with women wearing pearls. There is a lot of speculation about the painting because allegedly pearls did not exist back then. So two inferences can be drawn from this that he painted the earring from his imagination or that he painted the earring such that the light quality gives it the characteristics of a pearl. Interestingly the pearl adds a new dimension to the painting. One that of mystery and enigma. Jewellery adds a lot to a woman, question is what does she want to add?


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