Thursday, April 16, 2015

I am

Thought behind the thought
I am ... this, that, many things at the same time. That is what I think I am. And I will make my choices, decide my path and write my own destiny.

And how do I portray myself? If I am a poet, I show my self through words and I use brush strokes if I am a painter! A sculptor though, can portray his self-image through many materials, like these amazing self sculptures done by different artists.

The art
Every material that is used for sculpture making has its own advantages and challenges. Each allows you a totally different form of expression, and one may choose according to the image one wants to create and project.

'Self Portrait by Valery Yevdokimov
Source: sculpture=4473&sculptor=valery_yevdokimov 

Cast bronze Sculpture by Burton Blistein

"Geometric Self-Portrait" Fall, 1995 life-size plaster cast © G. Hadd

Stainless steel Portrait by Martin Debenham

Ash sculpture by Zhang Huan

Louis Fortier's wax and plaster heads

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