Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Thought behind the thought
Strength is a quality that we believe is  inherent to all human beings. We think of it as our capacity to carry loads, to face difficult situations and come out unscathed from the experience. We also believe that the more we can bear, the stronger we are.
Is it really so? Or is strength the capacity to carry with elan, even the little load we may be required to carry? Is it the capacity to mould ourselves, to reinforce ourselves so that we can face any situation with equanimity? Is it about 'how' you carry, not 'what' or 'how much' load you carry?

Architecture and design
Paper is normally thought of as a 'weak' material when it comes to carrying great loads. Think again!

These amazing structures, made of paper (cardboard) tubes demonstrate the capacity of paper to carry loads and create interesting forms , in a way that is as innovative as it is elegant. Created by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, these structures challenge the very notion of strength of a material. If paper can be used so innovatively, we can safely assume that given enough thought , any material could lend itself to the creation of amazing architecture.

Not only are these paper tubes used for creating long spans, but also for creating tall towers!

An architect by profession, Shigeru Ban has also been associated as a professor at several universities across the world, and has honorary doctorate degrees conferred on him. His list of awards is endless, topped by the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2014, one of the most prestigious awards in the Architectural field. Ban first began experimenting with constructing buildings from paper tubes in 1986, and he has continued to test new ideas of form and material ever since. For Ban, good architecture must answer questions of utility and sustainability even as it delights with aesthetics. 

"I believe that the material doesn’t need to be strong to be used to build a strong structure. The strength of the structure has nothing to do with strength of the material." Shigeru Ban

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