Monday, March 16, 2015

life and death

Thought behind the thought
As I walked in the park one windy evening, my attention was drawn to the rustling leaves quivering in the evening light. The effect was ethereal. The shine on the surface, where the greens caught the sun rays, was magical. I thought of how Life blesses everything that she touches and makes it full and glowing. 
And I thought then, of the same leaves when they fall off - light and frail! The veins prominent on the face, the green having worn off. But still retaining their inner beauty!

About the Art
Leaves defy Death, in the sense that they do not let Death take away their beauty. In fact, it seems as though Death treats them with utmost care, keeping their veins intact, adding a soft beauty to their frail frames. The leaf, rustling with life, retains the essence of beauty even when it's green life comes to an end.
Artist  Lorenzo Manuel DurĂ¡n Silva has made  leaves his canvas, and creates amazing art by cutting different patterns in leaves.

He says, "Inspired by a caterpillar I decided to cut plant leaves the same way as other artists do with paper, that idea captivated my whole mind because it looked like a great opportunity to combine two of my true passions: art and nature. My geometric or figurative designs mostly come from my innate observation of nature and the personal metamorphosis I have gone through in recent years."

Lorenzo Silva studied Delineation , but went on to do various jobs in the construction field, before a spell of unemployment left him with time on his hands. 
" .... when unemployment appeared in my path, providing me with lots of time to think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and then I began living an existential metamorphosis which has turned me into a man who is increasingly aware of his inside, his shadow, and who attempts to communicate with all of that using his personal tools, in a creative field."

See more of his amazing work and the process of creation in the videos below.

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