Tuesday, February 10, 2015

the past

Thought behind the thought:

Most of us have a bit of our past that’s a constant nagging companion. We carry it with us, at times, all our lives. It could be anything from a life changing accident, a failed marriage, a broken heart, a missed opportunity, losing a dear one, suffering from a terrible illness or simply an overall sense of failure. The degree of the wound and its extent could vary but the fact is that we are simply bogged down by the weight of this excess baggage. We need to stop carrying it around. Place it down at some point in our life and move ahead in such a way that not once are we tempted to look behind.

About the art: 
Art is many things. It could be an exploration of one's identity or simply the need to create. One way or the other art is a constructive process. It is a process that always leaves you with a sense of fulfilment. It is no wonder that art is now used as a form of therapy. Cancer patients and their families go through a living hell that one cannot imagine. Even if one is lucky enough to beat and survive cancer the scars remain forever. Art therapy is known to have brought a bit of hope to survivors and patients and their families. It brings tremendous joy,sense of accomplishment and positivity to their lives.

Art work presented by patients at UF Health Proton Therapy Institute, Florida undertaken as a part of their Artist in residence program.

Marie Butler offers cancer patients an emotional outlet through activities like music, painting, photography and, of course, weaving. The AIM (Arts in Medicine) team has created popular classes in music (drumming and harp), painting, photography, journal writing and fibre arts that are part art class and part support group. The AIM program is led by director and clinical psychologist Dr. Shawn Steggles, registered psychologist Dr. Jill Turner and secretary Helene Sommer along with art therapist Marie Butler.


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