Friday, January 16, 2015


Thought behind the thought

Are we just 'minds' or 'souls'? If yes, what is the role of our body in being the people we are? To hold and contain our 'selves' or more than that? Is it not exactly like a utensil which contains the food and helps it simmer and cook till it is ready to be served? It also gives temporary shape to the food, if has no shape of it's own!And at times, also becomes the platter on which it is served. Agreed that the food is more important, but hasn't the utensil played a big role in the way it has been cooked?
And if that is true, shouldn't we be treating our body with a little more respect? Removing the dents and polishing it once in a while if it goes lack lustre with age? Can we afford to ignore the utensil if we hope to cook great food?
And to take the analogy further, isn't our body a great instrument that helps hold and prepare the soul till it is offered to the Almighty?

Utensils are surely to be appreciated and glorified. A look at these installations created by contemporary Indian artist Subodh Gupta show you how! 

About the Art and the Artist
Subodh Gupta employs many of the original techniques of French conceptualist Marcel Duchamp by elevating the ready-made into an art object. He chooses signature objects of the Indian sub-continent and relocates them as art objects in monumental installations of stainless steel and tiffin-tins.

Gupta says he rarely uses people in his installations. "I've always been surrounded by people. But I play with objects. Very few people appear in my works," he says."I'm looking at surroundings. And I'm definitely looking at objects in a different way."

The Banyan tree installation, made out of clusters of steel utensils is titled 'Dada', the Hindi word for grandfather, or the patriarch of the family.The installation located on the lawn outside the Art gallery makes one see the real tress around in a totally different way, just like Gupta himself does, though his work.

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