Friday, December 12, 2014

library of smells

Thought behind the thought:

We have a really old dog and has really slowed down and mellowed with age. Yet whenever a car pulls into our yard he is almost propelled in that direction. He has to conduct a thorough enquiry into the whereabouts of the car. Almost as if he was appointed to do so. He somehow wants to know where we have been and what we have been doing. Dogs communicate in the language of smells. That’s how they get their facts. Smell is a sense that is not explored in the art to a large extent. We wanted to pursue and find out whether it could be a sense that could be explored in art and how it would affect us.

A room made of more than 750,000 cigarette butts

Three tree sculptures made of epoxy, but so realistic! The "Sick Trees"

A bathroom covered with toothpaste and the intense fragrance of peppermint

About the art:

A meta sensory experience is what Peter De Cupere is trying to achieve. Peter De Cupere is an artist whose work is not merely about seeing and sensing but more about subjective and instantaneous response. Visual art allows to a time to speculate whether you like it or not, Odour Art on the other hand is more intrinsic and non predictable. One responds with a sudden reaction to the stimulus. That makes it all the more challenging. His work surprises and provokes your senses into a response. The whole idea of exploring smell in art is unique and exciting.



  1. Thanks guys for a wonderful post!

  2. Please do go to the link and explore more stuff by the artist . Simply amazing!