Wednesday, December 17, 2014

gravity glue

Thought Behind the thought:

A friend of mine frequently goes paragliding and I am completely awe struck by the whole idea of being in the air high above the ground and flying like a bird. I am a bit jittery about air and sea travel and love the connection I have with the ground when I am on a road trip or travelling by train. I eagerly wait for the tyres to make contact with the runway or the boat to reach the harbour. The security that hard ground provides us is unparalleled. So are we so meant to be attached to the earth’s surface by some magic glue? Apparently some of us are not and being propelled down a bungee line or jumping off a cliff with a para glider makes them one with themselves. So then, can we categorise humans as amphibian humans, reptilian humans and avian humans? It’s an interesting thought but it goes without saying no matter how high you fly or deep you plunge you will always return to the earth’s surface thanks to gravity!

About The Art:
Stone balancing is what Michael Grab does but he elevates the entire process to a new dimension by turning it into an art form. Gravity defying balancing and artistically composed arrangements are his forte. Slow breathing, steady hands, keen eye, knowledge about the weight distribution and infinite patience are only some of the skill sets required to do what he does. His compositions are almost meditative and he believes, these creations sometimes in the most turbulent situations, are so still that they inspire him. They teach him to be calm and unmoved during challenges that life has in store. His compositions are not joined by any adhesives but stay connected by what he calls “gravity glue”. Why does he do them? Well they provide him a chance to distress, connect and introspect.
Do go to his website to learn more about his philosophy and process of working.

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  1. Amphibian...reptilian... Avian human. What a novel thought!