Sunday, November 16, 2014


Quilt making is a craft close to the Indian heart. For ages, women in India have been making warm quilts out of pieces of recycled cloth. Old sarees, other clothes, once worn till they possibly can be, are cut to small pieces, mainly squares or strips, and are sewn together to create a warm quilt, which not only retains the physical memories of the clothes used, but also a whole lot of memories associated with them. Every Indian child has at some point of time slept snugly in a 'godhadi' created out of his grandmother's old 'nau-wari' or nine yard saree, and felt the warmth of his grandma's embrace retained in the quilt.

Apart from being a great way to use resources to their maximum, recycle and reuse, as the modern 'green' concept goes, godhadis have an aesthetic value that is unique. The colours, textures, patterns, stitches and most of all, the randomness of the material put together all make godhadis a craft worth preserving and promoting!

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